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Gmail is the most widely available email client. It is very frequently targeted by hackers. Many times you might not even realize that you are suffering from Gmail hacked account. Nowadays if a hacker has a technology by which they can even read your emails without even logging in it. These features include the Gmail for mobile, the IMPAP feature and email forwarding. There are many more techniques that are coming up every day. Though there are very simple steps to recover the hacked account but it is always better to secure your account from any such activity.

gmail hacked account

Ways to know whether your account has been hacked:

  • Last account activity: Gmail has its last account activity feature which was introduced many years ago. It shows the location, IP address, methods and time when you have last accessed your account. Not only the last login it also shows the last ten logins along with the current one. If you want, you can seek assistance from Gmail customer support team for more information. For checking the last account activity, you will have to go to the bottom of your Gmail account page. Here you will find out where it has been accessed from and hence you will find out whether you are having Gmail hacked account. This feature also allows you to log out from any device that you find is suspicious and it may be a hacker.
  • Email forwarding: According to this feature of Gmail you can forward any email coming into your account to some other account. This feature is generally used by most of hackers they forward your emails to their own accounts. For understanding this feature in detail you can call us in Gmail toll free number and take help of our executives. You can go to the forwarding page and check whether your emails are being forwarded to some other account and hence you will be able to overcome the situation. You can also take help of Gmail customer care team for recovering this situation.
  • Changes in the settings of POP and IMAP: This feature enables you to access your email on any third party client by using any two protocols. The main concern here is that anyone could configure their email client to receive emails and in that case they will have to get access of the password. That means this is one face of Gmail hacked account. So it is always advisable that you keep this feature disabled. If then also you have any of problem, then simply take help of Gmail customer care team.

If you ever find out that you are not able to login in the account that means you are suffering from Gmail login problem as your account has been hacked. Then you should change your password immediately. If you find that your password has already been changed then you should follow the steps of Gmail password recovery. You should always be concerned about the online security of your account and if you find any suspicious activity then you should understand that you are suffering from Gmail hacked account.